A nice day.

The Bebbies were waking up from their after-lunch rest so I thought I would introduce them to Haakon and Fákur (pronounced Fow-kurr) who were mooching around together.


Fákur (posh name – Fákur frá Storavatnskarði – I can’t even begin to tell you how to pronounce that) was delighted to meet them.  He is such a charming old gentleman (think Sergeant Wilson) while Haakon (Captain Mainwaring) was a miserable old sod and showed his stallion-esque tendencies.  I threw him quickly back into the field so he couldn’t hurt my bebbies.

L1070874  L1070876

There was much giggling, smirking and showing off.  It was obvious that Torbjørn wants to grow up to be like Fákur (I don’t dare tell him that he is doomed to be forever tiny).

L1070880  L1070913 L1070879  L1070887

Fakur was very nice and kind to them, until Torbjørn tried to have sex with him and then he was rather shocked at this surprising behaviour.


But they all relaxed and ended up eating together which was lovely to see.


Haakon continued to be a git but to be fair the bebbies did go and wind him up on purpose.  They are rather good at that.

L1070899  L1070910

Little steps.  Perhaps I will put their Uncles Fákur and maybe Iacs in their field in a while.

2 thoughts on “Experiment

  1. RiderWriter

    Glad the intro to their Nice Uncle went well! 🙂

    Honestly, I know nothing about “real” Shetland ponies so I find your blog fascinating. You said the bebbies will not get as big as Uncle Fakur. I believe he’s an Icelandic Horse, correct? How big WILL the bebbies get? Will they lose some of that gigantic amount of hair in the summer, or is the super-shaggy look the fashion year ’round in your parts? Thanks for educating me!


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