A day in Aberdeen

I spent the day in Aberdeen – first flight out of Shetland at the crack o’ sparrows (I slept the whole way), saw my spinal surgeon’s team, then back on the afternoon flight (I slept again).

Away from home, I missed my dogs and I missed my ponies.  I even imagined bringing the Bebbies to Aberdeen departure lounge.  They would’ve loved all those victims, sorry new people, to talk to and would’ve happily galloped up and down. The only problem would’ve been that horrid laminate flooring which would’ve made their little hooves slip, but on a plus it would’ve been easy to clean up any messes – a girl can dream while sitting for hours in the Airport Lounge.

Going south makes me realise just how much I hate going south.  This time yesterday I was walking the dogs in my apportionment and watching them run or stand in a bog!

Anyway, I will stay on these NHS books just in case anything spinal deteriorates. I will admit that I am not feeling that brilliant at the moment and back on the painkillers, which is strange considering it is warming up outside. I should feel better as the weather improves.

I missed everyone even though I was only away for a day.  My life is very different from everybody’s south.  It is only when I go there that I realise this.

I left food out for The Bebbies.  Apparently they were kind to him!

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