Everything Drying Up

I think we saw Lambert or ‘Bert out on the scattald this afternoon.  I am pretty sure that the moorit (brown) sheep is ‘Bert and Daisy will hopefully confirm my sighting from the photo.  I shouted the usual greeting, Cheers-Bar-like “Bert” but he didn’t even look up at me.  He used to.  I am trying not to be sad that he has gone over to the Dark Side as he looks happy enough.  I can only hope he does not end up in someone’s freezer.  I have told the crofters when he is caa’ed in (herded together) that I would take him back or at least to leave him. I have hill rights.


So, having shouted Bert for a while at a brown sheep, Floss and I took the dogs out for their daily trundle.


Flossie gave me odd looks when she found I was missing and almost upside down in a ditch, trying to take photos/film of some tadpoles I had found.


I am pretty sure those are tadpoles – if not, what are they?

The ground is drying up fast, so I am worried they will run out of water before they can safely leave.


One our way home, we visited Taktur and Kappi and took them a good pile of silage for their tea.


They were very grateful as the grass in their field is not growing as well as the bigger fields.


I am loathe to move them but I will if the spring dries up leaving them with no water.


Where they are, at present, is perfect because Taktur doesn’t fret and stare at the mares.  Any closer and he will be a berk.


And as I write this, it has begun to rain so the streams may run again.  I never thought I would want rain.

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  1. Karen

    Oh i had been wondering about Lambert. I had designs on his fleece too as i remember Ah well if Ster’s fleece is looking for a home, please can you keep me in mind? I think you said that someone had alreaxy asked for Lambie’s. Happy to pay for it and will be up middle of July until the end of July.


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