Hugely Huggable

Floss and I went out this morning to be met by a pile of ponies.


Haakon, Brá, Silver and Tiddles were fast asleep where the bale usually sits.  The rest of the herd were milling about in the field.


Little Tiddles was looking particularly yummy.


Although, he was not very happy when Hjalti threatened to annoy him.


So I sat down beside Tiddles and kissed his nosey while I tickled his tumbly because that is what he loves best in the whole world.


Everytime I tried to stop, Tiddles would ask me to keep going!


Silver would hate anyone to sit beside him.


He is not that type of guy.


You have to wait for Silver to come and talk to you before you instigate any type of chat. He has always been like that and if you respect this, he is very loving and trusting.


Haakon is the same.  He would think things were strange, or even wrong, if I came and sat down beside him.  I have never done it.  He would give me a very funny look.


Tiddles, on the other hand, is always hugely huggable.


1 thought on “Hugely Huggable

  1. Linda K

    Haakon’s mane is gorgeous, as are his lugs. Perhaps Silver is just a shy boy. I think he’s my favourite Minion but you could hire all of them out as therapy, a Minion hug would work wonders for anyone.


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