Hair by Bjørn

We had a change from the usual sitting-in-a-field day (much to Lambie’s horror) and went into Lerwick for Flossie to be Bjørn”s hair model.

He works at Envi Hairdressers in Lerwick – 01595 691011 –

First Flossie had her hair cut and then highlights were put in for the first photoshoot.

BN2A1224 BN2A1221

Flossie is a good model.  I supposed she is used to having her photo taken by me and she also has an infinite amount of patience.

BN2A1231  BN2A1229 BN2A1227

Then Bjørn put her hair up just for fun and for the next photo session.

BN2A1236 BN2A1244BN2A1246  BN2A1241  BN2A1253

This is my most absolute favouritist photo of Flossie – so beautiful and very natural.


Anywho, after living in the salon for five hours, we sent Flossie out for chips.  She took her hair down first.

Great chips and we had a good day too.  Some days it is nice to have a complete change and get out of the mud.

For more information about Bjørnæs work (not about the mud!), go and look at Hair by Bjørn Facebook Page


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