Everybody Moves

Floss and I went to Brae to get some barley straw (this year’s cut) and wood shavings for bedding.


As it is Floss’ last week, she goes back up to Oxford on Wednesday, I treated her to fish and chips at Frankie’s – No.1 Fish & Chip Shop in the UK in the National Fish & Chip Awards (2015) and it is on our doorstep.  Get in!  So we did.  It would be rude not to.

We went the scenic route and I stopped to take photos of Autumn in Shetland and to prove we have a few proper trees here too.

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It was a lovely lunch.  We loaded the van with straw/bedding and then we went home.

Now Taktur and Kappi are back in Clothie.  They are very unimpressed but this will stop Taktur wrecking the fences and gazing at the girls.


Albie and his stepmother are in the field behind the house (Lambie’s ex field).  I want it eaten down so Fivla can live there.


The Maternity Unit has moved to a field with lots of grass.  Only mothers-to-be and milking mothers need apply.


Haakon, Iacs and Klængur are in the hill park.  20 acres to themselves.  It is half hill and half grass.  That should keep them going for a while.


Darling little BeAnne is a trooper.  She tries all the time to do everything she used to.  She has mastered the stairs and can walk up them sideways while I walk behind her ready to catch.

However, BeAnne can’t walk downstairs, as the stairs are too steep but we will put non-slip tape down and see if that helps.

However, she managed to jump up onto the sofa (yes, I don’t care) by doing a sort of Fosbury Flop. Whatever works.


And this is now the view from my kitchen window.



7 thoughts on “Everybody Moves

  1. Linda

    Such good news about BeAnn! (You know, there are a lot of dogs out there with full use of their legs who can’t necessarily negotiate stairs.)
    Gorgeous photos (as usual) and my fav is the first one. I’m partial to grey, moody photos/weather.

  2. Susan

    Lovely to hear the news on BeAnne and to hear that her spirit is still strong. She is looking good as is all your babies

  3. Terri

    That first photo — just beautiful! Good to hear that everyone is in their proper field. Where is Camus? (with Albie and Tor?) BeAnne is such a little trooper — so happy to know she’s better — and that she made it to the sofa, hahaha!
    Ta-ta to Flossie on Wed. — I’m sure she’s been a great help to you this summer, as well as Daisy. What lovely (and well-brought-up) lasses you have!

    1. Frances Post author

      Camus has been weaned and sold – on the boat next week to his new home. Albie and Tor are still together but Tor won’t let Albie nurse.

  4. Sam

    Good to see BeAnne’s spirit is still strong – couch jumping is a masterful skill. Love the pictures of your Shetland trees, so dreamy. Where are the Minions right now?


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