Ducking and Diving

There is no other words for today other than utter Hell.

It has been beyond vile.  We know this because Floss and I got caught in a vicious hail-storm and were thrown against the car by the full blast of the Force 11 wind with added frozen peas-sized hail being sand-blasted at us.  It was one step too far for me.

Anyway, this morning we ducked and dived around this weather onslaught, grabbing the calmer times when we could.

The boys spied us and ran into the stable.  We split a bale of hay between them and left them to it for 7 hours.  They are now back out feeling full.

The girls were fed behind the derelict house.  It was more sheltered there.

They were at that stage when they couldn’t think straight.  I hate that so I pushed Hetja through the gap and Lilja followed.

Sóley ate in the gap. It offered a bit of shelter.

Meanwhile, the clouds gathered and we have another 24 hours plus of this so I spent the afternoon putting stuff on Ebay – My Ebay stuff link – please spread the word if you know anyone who would like any of it.

3 thoughts on “Ducking and Diving

  1. Sam

    So sorry you have this vile weather to contend with. Keeping you, the family, all the Bozenberries, girls, Minions, Sheeple and ducks on my thoughts. Extra for Monster, according to Little Miss Maine Coon cat.

  2. Linda Loba

    I saw the words “polar vortex” in your comments and thought “uh-oh, that’s when the North Pole comes down and hits you with everything its got” and I’m sorry to be right.
    Medals of bravery for humans and animals all around (I’m not surprised the ponies couldn’t think straight).

    Sending wishes for ALL of you to stay warm and safe…

    P.S. Have you ever seen a weather map showing a polar vortex?


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