Double Rations

Well, you are all probably well aware of my unhealthy if tenacious obsession with the weather and today has been absolutely no exception.

One second, it is tolerably nice and then the next it is shitting down quantities of hail or sleet or snow with a good icey gale as well. That wind-chill factor is vicious.

Anyway, we managed to feed everyone without bringing them in (our aim in life at the moment) but this afternoon, it was like the Apocalypse outside.

I felt awful for my chaps as we have so little grass about and so Floss and I donned our waterproofs, rushed outside, filled all the haynets again and tied them to the gates.

No one needed asking twice.

They all visibly brightened, which cheered me up too.

And so I can sleep in my bed tonight knowing the horses have had double rations today.

Meanwhile, inside, BeAnne was wandering around in a dither (until I put on her shirt of thunder) with the word “Princess” written on a very fetching pink bandana!

She was looking miserable because I had also brushed her!

2 thoughts on “Double Rations

  1. Sam

    Polar vortexes need to stay in the artic! Poor BeAnne – brushed – the horrors! But her Thundershirt looks fetching with the pink bandana. Stay safe! (Monster too).

  2. Judith Garbutt

    It feels as if it’s never going to end! I’m supposed to be going to a competition with a friend tomorrow but we have gale force winds forecast so may have to cancel. I’m so looking forward to spring! But probably not half so much as you are!


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