Dreki the Dragon

Well, I am busy thinking about Dreki, my little black dragon.

Here he is standing, as ever, with his father, Taktur and he is developing into rather a nice horse. I like him. I like him a lot.

Every morning the field gate is opened and every morning the four boys (Taktur, Kappi, Efstur and Dreki) come up to be led, if it is blowy, into the stable, to have their hay and hard feed. Every morning Dreki won’t go past the gate person until he’s had a little chat and possibly a nose-kissey.  It can be a Force 11, I can barely stand up but he wants that acknowledgement of his existence and our relationship.  Other horses just gallop past barely saying thank you but not Dreki.

And I genuinely like the type of Icelandic horse he is growing up to be.  He is solid with a good strong back.  He is also very conscientious (he minds desperately) and is not difficult if you explain what you want.  An uncomplicated chap – never mean, vindictive or wicked (some I have known – ugh!)

And he has a lovely little sense of humour – he likes to wind up his Dad sometimes.

Dreki Dragon may not be as beautiful as his sister – Lilja is a truly gorgeous lady.

I think it might be the raggedy mane but I also think that might be the fault of living with youngsters and a bouncy stallion.  It will grow.

So that’s my little dragon.  He is turning into a very nice Icelandic horse.

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