The Wind Died Down (A Little)

The wind died down a little and the sun came out, if briefly, so I went for a nice drive.

This is the Foula that I see every day – the view from our track where it meets the road.  The weather was closing in again.

A planticrub in the hill.

Burga Water (I had to look the name up)

Shetland ponies with the sheep on the scattald (open hill).

I even drove down to our local beach to watch the waves. It was fierce.

Foula again from Dale beach.

The fields are fairly waterlogged now.  It is all a bit depressing and everyone is very fed up – animals and people.

I got home just as the weather was returning again. This was definitely “a survival suit” day.  February is my worst month.

6 thoughts on “The Wind Died Down (A Little)

    1. Frances Post author


      n – a small circular dry-stone enclosure for growing cabbage plants. Also crub or, in Unst, crö or plantiecrö.

  1. Linda Loba

    Such beautiful photos – I almost felt the weather you were having. (Being in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve been having similar weather, actually). But everything needs its’ water ration, and things don’t turn green without it…one more week after this one, Frances; hang in there.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    But —— your photos are grand!

    Consider yourself lucky and totally blessed – we are staying at the Ojai Inn in Southern California (a place never to return under threat of death). The “Inn” is gorgeous, but huge and there are way too many SoCal-type people who are rude and off-putting AND don’t pay attention to anything other than their own personal needs. Thank goodness staff is great. However, you do not drive your car here. You “shuttle” around because of the size of the Inn grounds. Harry is bereft without a car! Honestly………….where you live is just so wonderful and gorgeous!!!!!!


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