Dreki Comes Home

The time had come – Dreki needed to be weaned from his mother, Brá.  His behaviour was disintegrating.  Far too much bouncing and everyone was bored of him.

We knew it might be tricky, so we took a secret weapon to act as a lure.

Iacs, aka Mr Bimble.  He of the Silly-Frilly forelock.

After an initial struggle, Mr Bimble worked his magic and Dreki walked into the horse van – mostly because all his carrots were being eaten by a professional.  Whatever it takes, you know.

A short drive and we were home.  Daisy and Flossie then went and caught Hjalti and Efstur.

Efstur and Dreki are half-brothers through their mother’s side.  Efstur is one year older and still a colt.

Hjalti and Dreki are also half-brothers but through the same father, Taktur.  Hjalti is a gelding and one year older than Efstur – 3 years old.

Efstur and Hjalti are not related.

As I write, it sounds like one of those tortuous school maths problem that used to leave me feeling sick.

You know the type – “if Efstur is one year older than Dreki but Dreki is two years younger than Hjalti and each two are related but no one is fully related to the same parent, how many beans make five…..”

After initial introductions, the chase was on.

The little boy behaviour began.

Dreki slid straight down to the bottom of the hierarchy heap.

They weren’t actually horrid to Dreki just persistent.

We opened the big gate and they all rushed out…..

And the sheep all rushed out!

The boys were last seen heading over the hill!

I have just phoned the vet for Dreki’s gelding.  it’s got to be done.  Mother?  What mother!

Btw, I have not forgotten about Lilja.  She remains work-in-progress. Hetja is doing the weaning, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Dreki Comes Home

  1. Sam

    So since Mum was bored with Dreki’s antics, I guess the Big Little Boys can take a turn at teaching him some manners. Love how the Sheeple moved in so quickly. And it is fun to see that Silly Frilly.

  2. Carol E

    Oh my, he’s a big boy now! Last time I looked, he was just a darling baby. How fun that you have 3 inter-related colts. So beautiful!


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