Calico Cat

As you may know BeAnne is very lonely on her own.  This is the first time in her life that she has been an “only child”.  In her head she has been planning this day, but the reality is not what she thought it would be.  She hates it.

I wrote a message to a friend who I know sometimes has or knows of kittens.  Up here, it is mostly word of mouth that gets things done.  She incredibly generously offered us one of her young cats.  A four year old calico cat who “who is a little timid but adores dogs ….. I would part with her if it would cheer up Beanne.”

Well it has and I can’t thank my friend enough for her incredible generosity.

Yes, the cat is a little timid and shouts all night but she simply adores Her Maj.

BeAnne is not sure about this new hero worship but the cat food treats/cat food that she can secretly steal has seriously cheered her up!

I have made a “safe room” for our new cat – that would be the bathroom – so at night she can have a peaceful quiet place.  I was concerned that she was not eating and who knows where she was peeing/poohing but last night, in the bathroom, she used her litter tray and ate two bowls of food.  Little cattie might not be as food-orientated as some we have known.

There is hiding but she comes out the minute she sees BeAnne and then spends lots of time wrapping herself around her new friend.

I regularly sit on the floor and they are both learning to be peaceful together around me.  The mewing has stopped today so there is hope tonight will be quieter.

We are not sure about names yet.

I am favouring either Daphne (as in Daphne du Maurier and not Scooby-Do as both my daughters thought) or Nusse (pronounced Nuss-a).

Flossie likes Nooka (Queen of the Nogs from Noggin the Nog).

A name will happen. They always do.

Now to stop little cattie leaving the house for the next two weeks.  That will be fun!

24 thoughts on “Calico Cat

  1. John Davies

    I was thinking this was a very attractive cat and I think she has a fashion model/Hollywood look: maybe name her Farrah for Farrah Fawcett? Maybe I’m all wet!

  2. John Davies

    I thought maybe I was also wrong about the gender being female but then I remembered this:

    “The occurrence of male calico cats is theoretically impossible. Ordinarily, male cats have XY sex chromosomes, while females have XX. The X chromosomes carry the genes for coat colours. Therefore, female cats inherit their coat colour from both their queens (XX) and their toms (XY).”

    I guess no one has found a male calico yet?

  3. Margaret Robinson

    She’s gorgeous! Good luck with the behavior training, et al. She’ll be just fine and Maj is adjusting mainly because she got what she asked for!

  4. Jane R

    Gorgeous Calico Cat, Nusse puss seems perfect. I was so sad for you all with the loss of creatures, and what a wonderful friend you have indeed!

  5. Sam

    Welcome Miss Cat! This is a household that loves their animals. BeAnne is a Grand Dame, so hang out with her. The yowling should die down soon. As for the name, just give her time to whisper it to you. She will.

  6. Mairead

    What a pretty girl! I’m sure she’ll soon realise what a lucky cat she is. She’ll have the best possible life with you.

  7. Judith Garbutt

    Really good news! She’s very pretty. I like Daphne as a name – thinking of the shrub with a lovely scent. I like Calico as a name, too. I hadn’t heard it used as a breed type. Shortens nicely to Callie! I wish my dog would be as tolerant as BeAnne is of a strange cat. Really miss having one around the house but dog thinks her mission in life is to rid the planet of all felines, despite having lived with one all her life!

  8. Carol E

    This is such good news. How eonderfulbthat your friend could give you a dog-compatible cat. I’ll look forward to hearing what name emerges.

  9. Cathy

    She is beautiful and your friend is so generous to part with her. I’m so glad BeAnne has a new friend and so pleased they seem to be bonding.

  10. Darby

    I am praying that this works for BeAnne and they become good friends. the cat is beautiful and has the sweetest face.

  11. diane in northern wis

    Well, what a beautiful new addition to your home and a fittingly beautiful companion for BeAnne.
    What was Miss Calico’s name before being transferred to your house? She is lovely. Hope it all works out great for all of you.

  12. Kristen

    My mom has a cat that looks quite a bit like that. My boys call her Mr. Snuggleface, despite the facts that she’s a girl and would rather do about anything besides snuggle with 2 hooligan children.

  13. Terri

    Am over-the-moon thrilled for you! Kitty is beautiful — Daphne is a nice name (the ones blooming in my garden right now perfume the air!) — hope you choose that one. I’ve had two calicos, and they are the sweetest kitties — calm, smart, peaceful, loving. How wonderful that yours already adores BeAnne! Fingers crossed for a happy outcome!

  14. Louise Stopford

    Lovely news ….. Catttie is absolutely gorgeous and it is wonderful that she and BeAnne are getting along so well. Enjoy your new family member – think she will have a fantastic life there with you, BeAnne and the rest of your family.

  15. m. Colleen McNamara

    Lady Josephine and her coat of many colors. She obviously has good taste since she is already smitten with Ms. BeAnne .

  16. Linda

    What a gorgeous kitty! And she seems like just the friend that BeAnn needs. I can think of a couple of names, but as you said Frances, her name will just come…

  17. Elisabeth

    Names for new Calico cat maybe—
    Roxanne (shortened to Roxy), might go well with BeAnne
    ! ? ! ?


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