Desperate Sheep-Wives

It’s that time of the year – when rams will be rams and the hill rams have started hanging around outside our gate and perimeter fence looking hopeful.

These days the words “absolutely no’ and “over my dead body” are frequently said.

Obviously the Boyzens are not interested.

But, sadly, two Girlzens are a bit too interested, if you ask me.

And also sadly, the Boyzens are utterly useless at defending their GIrlzen’s honour!

So, I made a decision and constructed a very efficient and zappy electric fence at nose sniffing and, hopefully any other part of active anatomy, height!

It is very effective.  I also have a spare fully-charged 12v battery on stand-by.  Zap!!!

I may possibly not be the most popular person in this flock but I do not want my Girlzens to get knocked up. Little lambs are not on our agenda.

So far, the fence is working it’s magic and the hill rams are now staying well away so the Girlzens have no interest either and just mooch off down the hill, far away from the Evil Outside World to join the hopeless boys.

Thems are the rules in this house. No little lambs, please.

3 thoughts on “Desperate Sheep-Wives

  1. Sam

    Desperate Sheep need desperate measures. And yes, no lambs this year. You have enough critters on hand to love and cuddle. Even though lambs are delightful.

  2. annie vanderven

    best solution electric fences have been installed here around some of my property to keep deer from eating my rhododendrons it is the only thing I have been able to save from these giant destructors keeping my fingers crossed that it will also work this year, they have eaten our azaleas, tulips have not survived, only daffodils do, we had a 2 acres flowering land , nothing is left besides the rodies, they even deliver their foals in my pachysandras, they don’t eat that…why is not the county culling the herds is beyond my comprehension as after eating all the underbrush they are starving and invading the gardens, not only that they have destroyed a lot of the natural habitat of a lot of birds…
    sorry about this rant as you can see Bambi is not my favorite…


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