David and Goliath

Guess who was next?


Yup, t’was the Bozz-Bozz, who was not exactly excited at the prospect of losing his winter woollies.  In fact, I would go as far as to say, he got in a bit of a strop and annoyed everyone by walking round and round the garden, not dissimilar to a teddy bear.


So we cross-tied him to make our lives easier.  A nice Concert A (twang) on that rope!


It worked for while but Bozz-Bozz stopped cooperating and dramatically threw his teddy out of the cot.


The Moral Support Team were unhelpful to say the least.  They hid in case it was their turn next.


But there are some jobs that have to be done and this would be one of them.  The tats have to go as he is going on a long trip south soon where he doesn’t need his winter coat, if ever.  


So, taking no prisoners, Fiona worked her magic, brushed and pulled while Daisy collected – Yes Bozz-Bozz fur/wool will be for sale if you are interested – email me – frances@fstaylor.co.uk.


You try explaining this to him.  He would have none of it and the bottom-lip sulky face came out.


While Fiona persevered, Jo resorted to the nose-in-a-bunch or nose-twitch.  Needs must when the Devil vomits in your kettle and we were fed up of his behaviour.  It was boring and we needed to get on.  We ask little of him and 15 minutes of his time is not a big deal considering we were turning him into a Handsome Prince.


The endorphins were released and the Bozz-Bozz contained. He lowered his head and the job was finished easily and quickly.  Why he could not do this to start with is beyond me.  We even unclipped the cross-tie.


Taktur was intrigued.  Here was a subdued Bozzer so now was his time to strike but being Taktur he didn’t.  He just came up to laugh and point.


We let Bozzer go after we had finished and he stomped off with his only friend, a chicken, refusing to talk to us again.


But Taktur still wanted revenge and followed him for a bit more pointing and maybe laughing.


To regain his composure, Bozz-Bozz stood in the muck-heap for a more dignified height advantage….


….. whereupon they took up their games again!


I think they will miss each other.


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