Daisy’s Turn

A little somebody is apparently missing me (and I miss her desperately too).  She would hate it here and there would be terrible competition with Mum’s dog, Teddy.  BeAnne likes Her Maj status and does not give up her crown willingly, ever.

Today, I asked Daisy to send me some photos as I am still away south and it is nice to see what the chaps are doing.

I think she used her phone over at Leradale to take these.

I see that somebody *** cough, Storm cough ***) has destroyed OH’s makeshift barrier.  It seems to be lying in its component parts now.

Delia is still enjoying her daily bucket.

The others still do not dare try to get it.

I don’t think Vitamin is very impressed with this blatent favouritism.

I do miss my little boys and as I walk around the garden of my childhood, I imagine how I could’ve filled it with ponies.

Everyone looks well and I know they are in fine form having Daisy to look after them.

Poor Mum has inevitably caught my horrid cold so she is resting as much as possible trying to recuperate.  It is a quiet life here.

I hope you are enjoying (and remembering) the Advent Calendar.

8 thoughts on “Daisy’s Turn

  1. Linda

    “Woe is me” says BeAnn – someone is really pining for her mum…
    (And I wonder if Storm is missing you as well, and showing it in the only way he can.)

    THANK YOU for the Advent Calendar – having to skip buying one this year.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Oh I’m sure your animals miss you so much when you go away like this. l But I’m also sure that your Mum is so very grateful for your help. How unfortunate that your cold has been passed along. Hopefully both she and you will be feeling much better soon. Thank you to Daisy for the great pics back home today. And I love your Advent Calendar. Wow….those pictures are so special. I am opening each one on it’s appointed day and enjoying them so much! Thank you Frances. I’ve enjoyed your blog so much this year and have learned a thing or two about where you live, how you speak, the names you choose and more! Thanks for all of it! Hope you continue!!!

  3. Nancy

    The Maj is lonely, but her subject(s) will return shortly and I’m sure her spirits will perk up!

    I hope all goes well with your Mom’s recovery! Glad that you remembered about driving before the big day! I am nearly the same, I only really have to worry about driving when I go back to my parents’ house.
    So I know how you feel! Hang in there!

  4. Louise Stopford

    Poor BeAnne – All cuddled up in bed nice and cosy and warm – it’s a hard life, but you have to endure when you are royalty. I am sure she will forgive you for leaving her. I wonder if she makes a great fuss of you when you come home or if, like my cats, she ignores you for a while, until you are truly forgiven for the abandonment??!! Hope your mum feels better soon and makes a speedy recovery from her surgery. The Advent Calendar is stunning – thank you.

  5. Terri

    Poor, neglected BeAnne….She looks positively miserable in that oh-so-comfy bed. :((
    Hope your mother recovers well. Perhaps your confusion about driving related to your sinus infection and terrible earache during landing — all enough to make a person a bit foggy. Take care, and enjoy your stay.


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