Come with us

Today Daisy and I made the most of the fact that it was a very good riding day.  We probably won’t get out again for a while if I believe the weather forecast.

We tacked up Iacs and Haakon, whose abscess has completely healed now.  When Jo put front shoes on the other day, we could see exactly where the abscess had tracked from start to finish.  My poor boy.

It was wonderful to be riding Haakon again.  He has had five weeks off work and I have missed my old friend.  We went out happy and enthusiastically with Daisy/Iacs and BeAnne trotting along too (the little black ant at the front!)

(when I say at the end I should’ve kicked harder, I meant Daisy’s butt as it sailed past!)

I was given a GoPro for Christmas and I am learning how it works, how to edit the films, etc. I wear it on my riding hat and then you see what I see and hear what I am squawking!

This is a fairly typical ride for Daisy and I.  We don’t tend to ride very formally or technically (more function than beauty) on these two horses out and about.  That is saved for indoor schooling.  When we are on a trek, it for all of us to have fun and a good laugh.  We trust these boys implicitly and they really can’t do anything to us we haven’t seen already.  Things like top-speed, spooking and the unseen communication to go home are all things we know well.

We came back with huge smiles on our faces – untacked, gave them a thank-you carrot and put them back in their field.

And then we did it all over again on Klængur and Kappi.

Brilliant!  It don’t get no better.




4 thoughts on “Come with us

  1. darby

    no riding for me today as it is frigid and snowing in New York, so I am really enjoying my vicarious ride with you and Daisy.


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