The Big L

To Lerwick today after a flute lesson to get a micro sim for my new-to-me mobile phone.  Yes, I have still lost my old one despite increasing the finder’s fee and it has taken me ages to arrive at the decision that it might be gone for good.  I still feel it is somewhere in the house.  So now I have another completely unmemorable phone number and I can’t even bring myself to set it up.  It is not as though we have a signal!

While I was in The Street, as Commercial Street is affectionately known, I took a few photos.


Lerwick is a charming town unspoilt as it has retained its own identity (unlike just about every other high street in Britain).

There are hidden houses set back from the street.


Little alleys – or The Lanes – climbing the steep hill away from the sea.    Some have stairs and some have railings.


A proper traditional red telephone box outside The Post Office.  I think the world would probably end if it was changed.


Interesting designs that make you wonder what the architectural influence was.


And shop windows showing off beautiful Fair Isle cardigans, scarves, gloves and hats.  I am particularly liking that bottom cream scarf.  Shetland folk know the art of staying warm.  I  might go back to investigate those wool blankets too.  Purple or pale blue? Both are very pretty.


So Daisy and I achieved what we needed to do, and came home just before it got dark.


The Minions were furious with us.  Three of them were standing in the muck heap looking resentful while Tiddles was a good boy and stood by his bucket looking hopeful.


5 thoughts on “The Big L

  1. Cate

    I visited Lerwick in 1977 and loved it. So glad to see that some of it at least is the same…..the wet pavements….the knitwear in the shop windows! There were some bookshops, too, as I recall…. 😀

  2. Linda K

    You’d be hard put to find one of these telephone boxes still in working order anywhere else. I bet Lerwick doesn’t have a blue Police Box though.
    The hats in the window are lovely. You should buy both blankets – blue for Spring/Summer and purple for Autumn/Winter.

  3. Terri

    Thank you for showing us more of your surrounds. And the last photo (of Tiddles) is adorable! He looks worried you wouldn’t come back!


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