I was not required for babysitting duty this afternoon so I made the most of my time off to try out a new photographic experiment.

I had ridden Klængur and Taktur and lunged Kappi in the morning so was feeling like doing something completely different and un-horsey.


So I went out with my camera, an unhelpful tripod and tried my best to take photos of the water droplets on the cobwebs.  They are everywhere at the moment and not easy to photo.  I think I will keep practicing as I like the results but want more focus and clarity.  .

Anywho, this is the best of the bunch and they came out better than I thought they would.

Them spiders are very clever and like their cobwebs, this is work-in-progress too. I have more time tomorrow and, weather permitting, I will have another go if they are still around or new ones have been made.

BN2A6181 BN2A6182 BN2A6183  BN2A6188 BN2A6189 BN2A6192 BN2A6193 BN2A6197

4 thoughts on “Cobwebs

  1. Linda

    Wonderful photos! The spider is crystal clear, and in that one shot, the droplets DO look just like crystals…I’m guessing this isn’t an easy thing to capture?


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