Babysitting Duties

I walked into the field this afternoon to see Taktur lying down trying to have a kip.

Silver had other ideas and determinedly began his Annoying Shetland Pony campaign.

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Although Taktur was being very nice about it, I could see that Silver was totally exploiting the fact that he could reach and there was nothing Taktur could do about it apart from abandon his idea of sleep.


The other babysitters were on strike, off duty, asleep and refusing to even look at or help the situation.  Typical.  Call themselves friends. I think not.


So I sat on a rock, provided a toy and the three boys came over to play with me.

BN2A6126 BN2A6130

The toy behaved remarkably well and didn’t get narky like she usually does.  Bridges were built – Silver hates BeAnne so this was encouraging.


And Taktur gratefully slept.


He snored and dreamed.  Anyone who says horses don’t dream, is wrong.  In his sleep Taktur nickered to himself and smiled. I wonder if he was dreaming of Hetja – his one love.


After about 20 minutes to himself, he woke up, stretched and got up.


So, of course, the Minions started to yawn and feel tired.


At least Taktur got some uninterrupted sleep.

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