Climb Every Mountain

Lambie is going well mentally, though he is still not brilliant on his legs.  He is getting there, though slowly, and we have been advised to get him moving as much as possible.

Today I took him for a walk around three fields.  He shouts while he does his best to keep up, but is happy to trot alongside.


Poor love, I was wanting nice photos of him in the flowers, so he struggled through the marsh marigolds for me and looked beautiful, always beautiful. Those marsh marigolds are huge if you are very short.


And then he cantered along the short grass.


We stopped at the bluebells for a little photoshoot.

BN2A1850 BN2A1862BN2A1854

I think we can all agree that blue really suits him and he is a natural model.


Lambie trekked like a trooper.  There was the odd baa just to tell me he was behind, but on and on he went never stopping and never giving up. This lamb has determination.


BeAnne was jealous as it is usually her job to sit in the flowers doing the photoshoot.  Note the sulk.


You can see how they are for size in this photo.


On the home-stretch and Lambie is galloping along.


Over hill….


And over flower.


Klaengur looked on in amusement and slight bewilderment.


7 thoughts on “Climb Every Mountain

  1. Terri

    Lambie wins the award for “Cutest Lamb on the Planet” and BeAnne for “Cutest Canine”! The bluebell photos are so sweet.

  2. Mary H

    Lambie + flowers = Beautiful & adorable!

    Beanne’s sulky face among the flowers is very cute, too.

  3. Sam

    Good to see Lambie galumping in the flowers. Do love BeAnne’s sulk – she could teach some fashion models a thing or two!


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