Cheers for Tiddles

I took this photo in November 2014 when Tiddles (he was called Stardust, in those days) first met the three original Minions.


Pot Pourri or Pol Potterie?

Now, nearly 18 months on, things have changed drastically.  That scared little foal, who was depressed and dejected, has turned into Tiddles, The Mighty!


Tiddles spends most of his days trying to get the better of his second best friend (only second because no one could ever replace Storm), Hjalti, the Icelandic horse yearling.


Hjalti is tall for his age but this doesn’t deter Tiddles in anyway from reaching those bits that must be hung off the most.


Whatever it takes.


Tiddles will give it his best shot.


And Hjalti loves it.


If you have a bored foal.  Get yourself a miniature Shetland pony gelding.  They make wonderful toys.


I honestly think Hjalti has learned more from The Minions than off any other member of the herd.


I always hoped Tiddles would find his sense of humour and I think we can concur that is in abundance.


Playing is good for everyone and it makes me smile to see Tiddles being the extrovert now. Such a change from that miserable little boy who arrived saying don’t ever look at me.


In fact, I think every home should have a Tiddles.  Folk would smile more.  It would be The Law.


8 thoughts on “Cheers for Tiddles

  1. jan

    Love the photos, the care and love lavished on all your animals is shining out from Tiddles in these pictures. Great work Frances!

  2. Terri

    A feather in your cap, Frances, for making this little chap into the outgoing, happy pony he is today! (whodathunkit?) If anyone could do it, it was YOU. Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all recently foaled mares in your photos! (including wonderful mum Hetja from last year)

  3. Susan

    I would love a Tiddles. All he needed was a family who loved him to give him his confidence, you go Tiddles so lovely to see

  4. Sam

    Yes, every home needs a Tiddles in some form or the other. Mine is named Sprite, a female Maine Coon who came to us from a shelter and seemed to have been abused. Fast forward 5 years and I now have lap cat! Okay one can not pick her up or clip her nails, but nothing beats a warm purring lap cat…except a silly playful TIDDLES! Well done, Frances, well done.


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