Pot Pourri or Pol Potterie?

Today Silver was desperate to meet the newbie.  He stood by the gate, waited and whinnied.  So I thought “why not”.


I expected a bit of chasing and hierarchy establishment.


But this was totally unacceptable and my heart bled when I saw what was going on.  We had words and a few reminders.  I brought Loki out who is Silver’s worst enemy and he slunk off in a disintegrating heap.  I thought it would do Stardust good to see that Silver had an Achilles heel.


I fed everyone and Stardust wandered about saying he couldn’t find his food.  I had put out five bowls between four of them and still he was lost.

After a while, I led him to the shed so he could eat his food unhassled or bullied.  He had a good pile and I hope it made him stronger.

I introduced him to carrots, kisses, hugs and talking.  He liked all of that and was following me about by the end, rather than walking away.

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As a friend said this afternoon “He needs to feel worthy” and it is very obvious that he doesn’t.


I hope this is his “hatching a cunning plan” face.


The others were a bit boisterous so I ran them round for a while to get it out of their systems and to stop them from involving Stardust. After that, they ignored Stardust and he had a quiet afternoon with them all.


But it is still Storm he follows and loves.


Anyway, tonight, I went to check on them in their little paddock and shed.  Stardust seemed to be the main shed occupant and he was not budging for anyone.  Good for Stardust.  I am going to measure him tomorrow and buy him a rug.

8 thoughts on “Pot Pourri or Pol Potterie?

  1. Linda K

    As the Minnions are such a close knit group, perhaps they’re not very amenable to an interloper.
    Stardust certianly looks as if he’s hatching something. Revenge possibly. Poor boy.

  2. Vicki

    Moving is always stressful. I think Stardust will come into his own in time. He might always be a quiet boy…there should be room for that too, no?


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