Fat Camp Check Up

I go and visit Fat Camp every day to check up on my boys.  I don’t like them being so far away (4 miles) knowing there is no one nearby in case something happens.


Today, as OH was doing his messages (shopping) in the Big L (Lerwick), I took Loki and BeAnne with me for a dog walk while we checked Les Fatties.


Since it is lambing time, we are very restricted at the moment where we can take the dogs and I don’t want to upset any ewes, let alone crofters.


This 35+ acre park is mine for the year and there are no sheep and/or lambs present (though I have to add, as the dogs live with Lambie and ‘Ster all year round, they don’t think sheep are food, more family).


Anyway, the dogs had a lovely walk/swim and galloped about.  We all enjoyed ourselves and the dogs loved the freedom of a huge field to play and run around about.


So, back to The Fatties.


I felt everyone for any potential ribs. I really did.


I tried so hard to find weight loss but there was nothing of the rib variety to be felt, let alone seen.


I am not saying they are fat but to be honest, I suppose I am.  None of these guys can come home.  They are still fat. Having said that, they are also very happy in their huge hill apportionment.  I suspect they are probably blagging sandwiches from the passing tourons (tourists).


I thought we would be seeing some results by now.  Obviously not.

5 thoughts on “Fat Camp Check Up

  1. Linda

    Ah well, you know the first 5 lbs. are the hardest to lose…

    (What a majestic – yes majestic – photo of Loki. Yes, I am a dog person.)

    1. Kris

      I had the exact same thought about the photo of Loki. Looks like something you would see on the cover of a book.

      Also enjoy the occasional shots of BeAnne running-while-wet. 🙂

  2. Michelle

    I always smile when you talk about a few miles as so far away. Our nearest town is 13 miles away, and we drive there for work, church, homeschool co-op, shopping, hospital, etc. Four miles is nothing!


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