The Weaning Process

Today, I packed up Hjalti’s red spotted hankie, hung it on a stick and send him to live 4 miles away with Storm and Tiddles for company.


Everyone loaded nicely and we released them into a nice big field where they ran about a bit.


Backwards and forewards.


More endless running.


And Hjalti said he wanted his mummy back please.


So we opened the adjacent gate and let in 28, or so, filly yearlings and Lyra.


Hjalti dug out his ancient Arab ancestry from under his bed (yes, he has a Masters of the Universe duvet cover).


And with that he shut up and denied all knowledge of being with his mother not 10 minutes previous and still nursing.


So Bjørn and I watched the ponies and one horse galloping about the three fields.


We had opened all the gates so they have access to a very large area of grass.


At one stage they all turned round and cantered towards me.


I did start to wonder if they would flatten me but reckoned I would be safer if I just stood my ground.


At this stage, I was praying they would go round me!


Tiddles and Storm are in seventh heaven and everyone was beginning to calm down as we left.

5 thoughts on “The Weaning Process

  1. Sam

    Such fun seeing so many ponies and overly large “pony” galumping around the field! And to see Storm and Tiddles right in the middle of the pack must have made you proud. Still sending “peaceful and uneventful birth” thoughts to Bra.


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