Changing Places

Thank you for your kind words yesterday. I sincerely appreciate them and you lifted my spirits.  My life and the blog goes on or “Illegitimi non carborundum” or even “Noli sinere pessimi nequissimique te tristificare” if you want to be more precise.   And, yes, I did have to look that up.

Anywho, I am fine so all is well.

Today, after finishing my work, I was on horse/pony checking.  I gave the ladies their daily grub.  They have created their own routine.

Basically all line up nicely and eat as fast as possible.

Lilja is kind and lets Sóley the Foalie share her bucket.

Meanwhile, no one, and I mean no one, disturbs Hetja who does not even come up for breath.

Lilja then moves in on Sóley’s food.

They are such sweet sisters together. Never a harsh word.

Then Sóley has a go at Lilja’s bowl.  Turn and turn around.

I am off south tomorrow at the crack of sparrows to see my mother for 9 days. I booked it ages ago with the full knowledge of the family and have their blessing.  I think they probably want me out of the way for their daily fried eggs and chip suppers that they know I disapprove of.

So when I checked my horses and ponies this afternoon, I said my goodbyes. I wish I could squish Sóley into my bag.



7 thoughts on “Changing Places

  1. Margaret Robinson

    And life goes on. Think the change of venue and pace will do you (and your Mother) well. Family “left behind” will somehow manage, especially with the fried eggs and chips (which despite you’re not approving, does sound rather good, just not every day).

    Enjoy yourself and look forward to hearing (and maybe seeing some photos) of your trip! I admire you so for everything you do and the courage you have.

  2. Kerry

    Oh Frances, I have been off- line for a few days in Ackergill near Wick (spotting lighthouses, otters amd auroras) and one of the first things I wanted to do when I was back on the net (on Skye) was to read your fabulous blog. You have a real gift with words – never soppy, but often heartfelt, never condescending with a wry take on life and very very funny.
    You certainly cheer up my day when you are having a good day and have me rooting for you and yours when you are down.
    You also make me determined that I will get to Shetland in the end despite the vagaries of the English conveyancing system. So chin up, give my best wishes to your Ma and come back head held high, elbows akimbo and ready for whatever comes next. When I finally get up I will make sure I have a supply of gin to hand for a get together x

  3. Sam

    Safe travels to Mum’s house. Sometimes we all need a little down time to remember why we started to do things for fun before they became a chore. Rest up and recharge your batteries.


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