Change with Time

My house around 1920 “after the new felt roof was put on“.

And this photo was taken before 1970.  I was told that the extension was added in 1948 after the new byre was built in 1947 to replace one at the end of the house.  The porch was then altered later.  A superb dry-stone dyke around a kale yard and haystacks.

So today I tried to reproduce the photo.  I need to try again and get the angle right. I can see now where I went wrong.

But isn’t it fascinating?  Not much change really to the basic properties except for the addition of the “big shed”.

After I had been faffing about trying to find the right angle to take the photo, I sat in the field and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine.

This is to the right of the haystacks.

Bluebells in the old kale yard.

And then I went and had a chat with Missy.

She jumped all over me and was in a fine mood. Eventually, Edna called her away as she couldn’t keep an eye on her darling daughter.


8 thoughts on “Change with Time

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    Missy really is a darling isn’t she!

    I love seeing the photo’s of the house at different stages. It is so similar to the house my late father bought in Islay (2nd home – I know …. but it was in order for him and us all to be able to go to Islay more – to be close to his roots, sometimes at least). That had been a forge and also a minister’s steading – and was such a similar shape.

  2. LIsa

    What is a “felt” roof? All I can think of is that if it means like fabric felt, wouldn’t that hold a lot of moisture when it rained? Thanks! : )

    1. Frances Post author

      “Roofing felt is used to achieve a waterproof and durable finish on top of shed roofs, garden building roofs and outhouses.”

  3. Linda

    That is SO cool having those old photos of your house.
    And I don’t know if it’s my screen or your talent for photography, but the colors of the fields and flowers are so bright and beautiful. Not to mention that sweet little lambie face…

  4. Shelley

    We’re sky-lights installed a hundred years ago? I wonder how the builders made them water tight? I love reading the history of your house. Still hoping for a wee peak at the history of how you came to Shetland.

  5. Susan F

    How I enjoy seeing photos of places now and what they looked like in years past. You did a great job getting the distance and positioning. Beside the new big structure, there is the power pole as well, I notice.


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