Not so little Missy

Well, I will just put this out here first because I can – with my brave pants on, I rode (or ridded) my horse, Klængur, and it was lovely.   Daisy gave me a fantastic lesson in the school and we walked and tolted happily around together.  So that’s me back in the saddle hopefully with my confidence back.

In other news, Little Missy is now possibly known as Big Missy.

Still enchanting, obviously.

But an independent lamb, nonetheless. She has a huge crush on her Nuncles who are surprisingly very tolerant of her.  She uses them for her parkour workout every evening.

She is certainly a girl on a mission.

And she hassles Edna, her Mum, often.

Edna is the best Mum in the world and she puts up with a lot.

Once fed, off she goes again to look for a new adventure and/or sheep to hassle.

It was big sister’s turn next.  Missy worships her sister, Madge.

So they are a happy little sheepie flock now.




8 thoughts on “Not so little Missy

  1. Margaret Robinson

    You look fabulous – continue the good work! Everyone else also look fabulous and content (at whatever they seem to be doing).

      1. Judith Garbutt

        I have no idea how I look either! Someone on a Facebook thread asked me to post 10 pictures of me with various horses and I realised that I haven’t got a single picture of me on any of the horses I’ve had in my 56 years of horse ownwership! I have one of me standing next to my first horse! I felt quite sad when I realised how few photographs I have of me and my horsey exploits.

        1. Frances Post author

          I know what you mean. I spend my life taking photos of everyone and rarely does anyone take a photo of me on a horse.

  2. barbara

    Lovely pictures. One of the highlights of my day is popping in to see the new things that you’ve posted. Thanks so much!

  3. Linda

    Seeing Missy in those GREEN fields and bright yellow flowers (buttercups?) is just such a perfect combination…and yes, she’s really growing fast!


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