Cake and Foals

This afternoon Daisy and I drove over to the east side of the island. She had not met Festus and Ulysses, my friend’s miniature Shetland pony foals, found by me and bought a few weeks’ back  –

Naturally Daisy was enchanted.

I mean what is not to love?  Best kissing on the east side (Tiddles is on the west side).

Little Shetland pony foals coming over to chat is possibly the best way to spend an afternoon…… ever.

I am so glad they have such a loving and perfect home.  No Shetland pony could ask for more.  I know eight that would move in like a shot given half a chance.

And I also know that these two will grow into fine little chaps as they have the world.  So many don’t and that is a sad fact of life.

Anywho, after attending the Miniature Shetland Pony Appreciation Society, of which I am a fully paid up member, we went inside to eat a lovely homemade lemon polenta cake with a cup of tea.

I ate it to be polite.

The struggle is real.

My idea of a perfect afternoon, really.  It don’t get no better than this.


6 thoughts on “Cake and Foals

  1. diane in northern wis

    Wonderful pictures of Daisy and the little ones! That cake looked pretty good too! Thanks for great pictures always!

  2. Kerry

    I felt your pain and was sorry not there to help support you in facing that cake. One does indeed have to be polite – its rude not to join in.

    Down here in Westernshire we have had the sad news the Minature Pony Centre is closing and homes need to be found for the ponies : the report mentioned all the refuges/shelters etc are full. Just so glad these 2 (and your gang) have a loving and happy home


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