I was Tasked

A friend asked me to find her two miniature Shetland ponies.

So I did – meet Festus and Ulysses on Day 1 at their fabulous new home.

They are gorgeous wonderful little fluff-balls who met for the first time the day before.

Obviously two peas in a pod to look at and  I am struggling trying to identify who is who (sorry if I get their photos wrong – it was difficult).

Festus has the white paint/sale mark on his bottom. He came through the Marts (sales).  I had to bid for him on my friend’s behalf, which I will admit I was nervous about but I did it, and we had the winning bid.  Phew!

I am reliably informed by his new mum that the colt with a white mark on his forehead is Ulysses.  He is the out-going, inquisitive one.


Festus is the more quiet of the two little squirts.  He is a very sweet natured little chap who I think will soon be Ruling the World, like they do.  One word – Newt! It doesn’t take long.


Both chaps love peoples.

Which is, of course, perfect.

My friend already has two Icelandic horses (a mare and a gelding) in her family.  The mare is not a huge fan of the new arrivals and they are in separate but adjoining fields.


Today’s update – “they both come running when they are called”.  Darling little bebbies.

So mission accomplished.   This could not be a more perfect home for two little Shetland ponies. Thank you for the task.  Ask me any time. I love a happy ending.

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