Brushing and Training

Today was a brushing day.  I have decided to brush one pony a day.  Nothing huge – just manes and tails plus anything that offends.

We could only find one useful brush, so while I was doing this, I asked Floss to talk to Sóley and see what sort of mood she was in.  We haven’t done anything with Little Miss Sulky (Sóley not Flossie!) since the great loading battle a few weeks ago.

Brushing out the winter tangles of Fivla’s mane, I looked behind me to see that not only had Floss been talking to Sóley, but she had put a headcollar on and they were going off for a walk around the field.  Progress, I thought.

Of course with Lilja in tow.

This was a huge achievement and well done Flossie.  I went back to my brushing.

Eventually they came back.

All smiles.

As Albie was in the queue hopping up and down to be brushed, I asked Floss to go around the field again. So they did.

This is Albie’s queueing face –  “Me, pick me, do me next!”

After Albie, Floss and I both had a go at Newt who was also hanging around.

So that was a good morning’s work.  I am very pleased with the progress Flossie made with Little Miss Sulky Sóley and Fivla looked beautiful again.

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