Boys will be Boys

First there was Waffle and Tiddles.

Like some storms ….

…. it didn’t develop into anything.

Then there was Newt and Tiddles (seeing a theme here?)

They had great fun annoying each other.

“I bite you.”

“No, I bite you back.”

“So I bite you again.”

“and so do I.”  Ad infinitum.

These two were went along like that happy enough at the minimum level of “ferocity”.

And lastly Albie and Storm.  Surprisingly, Storm did not start it, which is unusual.

Storm was being the sensible adult while Albie chewed at his face.  Since when did Storm start being sensible?

I stayed with the boys for a while watching them annoy each other and then it started to rain, so I tucked my camera under my coat and went home.

They are good photos, though.  I love seeing them play – it means everything is alright.

3 thoughts on “Boys will be Boys

  1. Sam

    Tiddles needs a new job other than “Chief Annoying Face Biter” – maybe pull a cart?
    And when did Storm become a grownup Minion???

  2. Shelley White

    Frances, last night my husband and I were watching the new season of Shetland which depicts your home as dark, gloomy, boiling over with crime and populated with the marginally insane (except for Perez).

    While I enjoy gloomy and dark and murder mysteries, I’m also grateful to follow your blog where there is occasional sun, beautiful beaches, a bustling Lerwick and a merry looking harbor: not to mention the horses and sheep and your lovely home.

    Shelley from Boston


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