Another Little Film

So I bought some essential gear from Fleabay and Flamazon.

  • A studio light with a diffuser thingy on it, which I managed to successfully, after a few attempts, construct myself (/feeling proud).
  • An ipad mount for my camera tripod.
  • A teensy-tinesy shutter remote which I thought I had lost for a while but was actually in my pocket.

I set up my “studio” in the stable and dug out of storage the girls’ stables for their Breyer horses.  Their father made it many years ago and I wanted to use it as a set.

Obviously, my “Best Girl” was on hand to help.

As were my muses.

And so I made Another Little Film.

Along the way, I learned not to stand in front of the camera and keep on taking photos.  I do not have an invisibility cloak and had to retake a whole section minus myself.

I also have to find out why the film was out of focus sometimes since I didn’t touch the camera once.  Most odd.

Afterwards, I took my actors home as I didn’t want any resident stable mice to get them.

My “Best Girl” had gone to sleep.

This is home for the sheeple.

And this is home for Teddy and Her Maj.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my paltry efforts.  I am learning and it is fun.

13 thoughts on “Another Little Film

  1. Kerry

    I hope you’re digging out those glad rags and rehearsing your acceptance speech for the Oscars. Would love to see your cast and crew on stage with you – at the very least, Be’anne in a glitzy collar and Lambie in a tux

  2. Linda Loba

    Another GOOD JOB! I’m really enjoying these new films of yours, Frances!
    (And as to assembling that studio light/diffuser – doesn’t it feel good when you figure out how to put something together? I used to do that with things my parents got with blue-chip stamps…)

  3. Margaret Robinson

    There’s nothing paltry about what you’re doing and there’s a lot of learning. You’re doing great as is your Assistant Director and all the crew!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Thanks for the cute film Frances. You are getting better and better at it. I enjoyed it very much. Soooo cute.


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