Blissful Face

Today is what is known as a “Day of Shite” so I brought The Minions in to be fed and rest.  Their wet rugs were taken off and they had their food.  Tiddles left some of his food (I gave him a big bowl on his own) so I gave it to Storm seperately, much to Waffle’s horror and disgust.


I had left out a big pile of hay for everyone else and while the others were eating, Tiddles came over to Daisy and politely asked her to scratch his bum.  He loves this more than anything.  He has lots of nasty lumps where the fur has clumped, matted and taken the skin off.

BN2A6733   BN2A6734 BN2A6742

He sat on Daisy’s knee with happiness.


Tiddles is beginning to come out of himself now and he is a delight.   He comes up for kisses and is beginning to think like a Minion.  All good.  He appreciates his rugs and we change them without any problems.  A dry rug everyday.  He has even learned to lead nicely and have his feet picked up without a fuss.


And we are beginning to see the real little boy’s character – determined, solid and never panics.


Now this is why I have two daughters.  They are both put to good use by the Minions (Floss has Silver to talk to).

BN2A6770BN2A6740   BN2A6753BN2A6804

This is the face of bliss.


And this is the bottom of resentment!


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