Blind Date Round 2 (and The Minions)

We are going to do this “in-hand” to prevent damage to everyone involved and today, Hetja was much more receptive.  I think she appreciated the introduction and subsequent chatting up.

Note-to-self – do not stand downwind to a mare thinking about being in season!  Live and learn.


Although she was calmer, Hetja was not 100% receptive but it was an improvement on yesterday.  She would not stand still and did try to kick him again, but she was less panicky.


Tomorrow might be The Day.  We did not persevere and we let Hetja go back to her field and think about things.


And we took Taktur home and gave him his grub.  He was happy enough when we put him out with the geldings.


Meanwhile, as the horse trailer needed cleaning, I let The Minions out of their field to “help”.  They investigated everything and playing King of the Castle should take the fear out of loading as well.


It was lovely watching them wandering about playing with anything they could get their teeth on.

BN2A7226 BN2A7238

Darling boys.  The perfect therapy.


1 thought on “Blind Date Round 2 (and The Minions)

  1. Linda K

    Poor Hetja, She can’t resist him for long though, surely. Taktur always looks to me as if he’s secretly smiling to himself, and why wouldn’t he be, he knows he’s gorgeous. All three Minions are lovely boys but I love Silver’s colouring the best. How rewarding it must be, to see them coming on so well, and having fun.


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