Blind Date Disaster

Hetja came out of her stable having glammed up for her date.


She wore a very fetching blue lippy, the Lady Gaga look (Terramycin wound spray from her leg).


And while her date was arriving, she settled down to delicately nibble some grass.


Next, out came Taktur who we had brought over in the trailer.  He was very happy.


Hetja looked up from her grass to meet her handsome prince.


And Taktur was straight over and with a cursory sniff he forgot all the niceties of a polite introduction.


Hetja was appalled at his lack of manners….


So she kicked him in the teeth.


They went on like this for a few hours with Taktur stalking Hetja round the field, never taking no for an answer, never settling and leaving her alone.

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Poor Hetja became very distressed as well as exhausted.


She did try saying no nicely but Taktur was not listening to her.

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After a few hours of this, we received a phone call from Jo who said she had split them up, Hetja had cuts and Taktur was still not backing down.


So first date failure.  We are very ashamed that we had to go and bring Taktur back home.


Rude boy.  He was brought up better than that.  We will try taking him to her on a daily basis and see if love blossoms.

The course of true love never did run smooth even if you are really, really, ridiculously good looking!


4 thoughts on “Blind Date Disaster

  1. Michelle

    Most young men need to be taught bedroom manners; they don’t come naturally to a hormone-driven, never-been-satisfied male! Poor Hetja. Too bad she’s not an experienced older woman about two hands taller; she’d teach Taktur those manners!

  2. meg

    oh dear… sounds like prince charming needs a reminder class 🙂
    Severe case of “pretty boy syndrome”… thinking they are so good looking that there’s no need for niceties or even an introduction 🙂 He’ll learn soon enough, maybe ask pingpong for some hints/lessons… he always seemed like the perfect gentleman… 😀

    PS. Damned that prince charming is a lovely looking bloke though, i’ve never seen black on black dapples (like he;s got on his bum) those babies, when they do get done, will be awsome and epic!
    Best of luck and loads of love to Hetja


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