Bits and Bobs

Ok, here is my Official First Sign of Spring (apart from the snowdrops, which don’t really count in my book as they were planted) – a shalder (oyster-catcher). This means we are coming out of winter and nothing can stop us.  At last!

Meanwhile, at home, Daisy was trying to take photos of Kappi’s back as she needs a new saddle.

Floss was on the front end.

Obviously there was help in the form of Idiot-Efstur.

A dear boy in his Muzzah’s (Daisy’s) eyes.

Never fear, Kappi has not been replaced . He just has to work harder if he wants to get near Daisy again.  Efstur is coming up the ranks.

Chores done and I took BeAnne for her daily walk and yes, there was company.

Does my life seem odd to you?



8 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs

  1. Sam

    Desperate for signs of Spring in New England…nothing yet. Does your life seem odd? No. If anything your life gives those of us still working in offices a glimpse of outdoor life. So thank you for that. What kind of saddle does Kappi need?

  2. Mary Domito

    Odd? Not in the least! I want to come back to Shetland in 2022 and hang awhile… would love to spend time helping you with your wonderful four-legged family.
    ~ Mary in Taos

  3. Gail Lawson

    Glad you are feeling better. No, your life does NOT seem odd. Enviable, in fact. I love your routine and careful care of your family!

  4. diane in northern wis

    You know, Frances, I think your life seems lovely to me….except for your poor sore back. I especially love the pic of the country road and everybody going for a walk. It just looks so peaceful and serene. I’d love to live there and walk up that road with all my buddies walking alongside. I know you’ve got alot to take care of and you do it so well. I love coming to this blog…..really. Blessings to you and your family and all your critters too.

  5. jacqueline slavich

    Definitely not ‘odd’. I love how you value each task and give even the smallest equal importance. I like how you appreciate the little things. Some people thrive on drama and stress, and while it may not all be of their own making, I do not envy their excitement and rush. Let me notice the first shalder any day. Here in southern New Zealand we are in late summer and the first trees are showing autumn leaves, I’m loving noticing their and wish you could visit and see them too


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