Appointment in Town

Sorted out all of these guys and the smaller versions as well, before heading off into town with Floss – she had an appointment.

Yup, you guessed, the Lerwick was not very busy – I have had to import Floss to be a crowd!

It is sad really as we are all being encouraged to shop local which is a bit difficult when there are very few shops actually open or shelves filled.

Still, there were some good windows to look in and one charity shop was open (huzzah!) – where I bought a Fair Isle hat for £3.

We bought fish and chips (at least the chip shop was open) and went to our favourite spot – note my new hat on the dashboard.  It is a grey and white Fair Isle beanie made, I think, from lambswool so it is nice and soft.

It is standard practice here to eat lunch sitting in the car looking at the sea.  We were not alone.

More car views while we ate the best lunch.  Hmmmmm local fish and chips – it’s been too long!


We still had lots of messages to do, some achieved, many sadly not and then home.  I hate shopping on t’net but I am left with little choice what with Mother’s Day on the horizon plus an important birthday or two.

3 thoughts on “Appointment in Town

  1. Sam

    I think we are all wondering “where are the people in the local shops?” Nice beanie you got.
    Looks like the lunch view was lovely.

  2. darby callahan

    I miss shopping in person as well. actually I don’t purchase all that much these days. it is a lovely town with and without the people.


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