Before My Pit

The day before I took to my pit, when I was feeling absolutely fine and not coughing my guts up, Bjørn, our trainer, popped round to give Daisy a riding lesson and then offered to take look at Efstur.  It is always to have a second opinion and to know whether I am on the right track or not.

Efstur is a sweetie.  Very easy to work with.  Not a mean bone anywhere.  Just sunshine, smiles and lots of willingness.

First, Bjørn asked me to stand him up.  This is a show thing and one I am not particularly good at.

Efstur has been my best friend all winter so he didn’t really understand when I wanted him to look less interested in me and more of a superhero.

Yes, I know his headcollar is way to big for him but it is not really serving a purpose so it doesn’t matter.

We worked on this standing smartly special skill.

And sort of managed after a while.

Then we loosed Efstur and asked him to move around the indoor school and show us his natural gaits. There was trot, walk and a lovely tölt appeared.  All very nice.

Efstur from Thordale is two years old this January.  He is still a colt. His castration is undecided and, as he gets on very well with Taktur, then he can stay a colt for a while longer and hopefully benefit from the stallion muscle development.  He is also has a BLUP (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction) of 114 and is 5 gaited.

There is a good description of BLUP here

This is Daddy.

Sire: IS2002187662 – Álfur frá Selfossi

IS2002287901 – Brá frá Reykjavík

Whatever the future holds for Efstur, I am sure it will be exciting. He is such a nice chap.

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  1. Carol E

    I hope you’re feeling better. It is rather heroic for you to continuing posting for us! Efstur is so lovely and BLUP-y that it’s hard to think you might not breed him. His sire is quite the dude!


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