This is my last day of bedrest post epidural steroid injections because I read somewhere that the steroids can do their job better and remain more localised if I stay still.

So, I have been delegating all tasks to my poor family from the comfort of my bed, though I did get up to take an interest in Haakon who is lame, move him to a drier field and to retrieve two errant sheep from the scattald (open hill that surrounds my little croft).

That would be ‘Bert and Ernie (formerly known as ‘Ster) here who made a bid for freedom while OH took the bins out yesterday.  They had a night on the hill with the floozy hill ewes.

Meanwhile, Lambie and his Dad were homebods.

I honestly think Puzzah is smiling in this photo!

Puzzah and Lambie were perfectly happy in each other’s company wandering around together.

Obviously there was the optimistic lingering around the front door.

Perhaps it is hereditary?

I took these pics a few days ago.  Lambie looking divine, as ever.


Anywho, this morning when I went out to see Haakon, there was a large moorit sheep outside the gate, so I called him over and with the lure of the visible carrot, he came home! ‘Ster followed later after I had waved a bucket.

During my down-time, I have been thinking about my photography.  Your kind words have been inspirational and I am still deliberating the best way forward – getting costings for various projects that may well come to naught but I do want to try.

Some Questions:

Q1: If you could buy one of my pictures (for example, useable for a 4×6″ postcard) for a pound or a dollar would you and would you buy them often.  They would be a download.

Q2: Calendars?  Dead in the water or not? A Thordale one or a Shetland pony one or an Icelandic horse one?

Q3: Notelets – apart from me, does anyone use them?

11 thoughts on “Bedrest

  1. Beth Heath

    Calendar, all three types in one, please. While I would like notelets, I could not bear to throw them away. that would make a very messy desk and be, probably, a fire hazard.

  2. Linda

    I love the whole father and son story with Puzzah and Lambie. In Puzzah’s “smiling” photo, he looks so happy and content!

    And yes, I would definitely buy a calendar!

  3. Sam

    I would use the post cards and notelets. I write Thank You notes to my student costume crew for every show. Calendar….I’d say Farm Family. Each “star” would take a month. And yes, Puzzah was smiling. He is happy to have a nice home.

  4. Patricia Shaffner

    I would love to buy your 4 x 6 pictures as a download. I’m in the US and postage rates everywhere are a bit over the top.

  5. Judith Garbutt

    Hope it’s nothing serious with Haakon and that he makes a speedy recovery.

    I’d buy a calendar – I’d like a mix of animals and atmospheric Shetland shots. My local newspaper sold a clever calendar a few years ago. The month’s daily space was condensed to postcard size, above which was a postcard sized picture with serrations above and below so that once the calendar part was finished you could then detach it, leaving a useable postcard. I don’t know whether I’ve made that clear enough? I’m another one who uses notelets but not so often that I’d be buying them every month. Have you thought of putting together an actual book – simply entitled “My Shetland”? I could see it as a ‘coffee-table’, big, glossy hardback selling for about £25.

    Hope the injection kicks in and gives you a good few months relief.

  6. lynn

    I hope you are feeling better. i would buy a calendar of any of your horse/pony pictures. Your pictures are beautiful. I like your pony pictures best. (Especially the one with the four ponies with their rumps towards the camera and the one with the three ponies – one black pony and the two piebalds) I could only pay with American dollars as i don’t know how internet payments work ( i am very technologically challenged.).

    i am sure other people have suggested this but i think your pictures would be perfect as a part of any tourist or tour publicity/marketing program.

  7. Cindy

    I’ve been a lurker here for a good bit. I would buy a calendar especially if some of the photos were of the
    sheep. Your sheep have such wonderful personalities. I have horses and dogs and a cat at the moment and love them all but you’re sheep really speak to me. And you should include some words about the photo in the calendar as you do in your blog. Speaking of your blog have you thought about outside advertising? I don’t know how many followers you have but at some point people are willing to pay to
    advertise on your blog. No idea what the numbers are but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you had enough
    people following to do this. And I love the idea of children’s book illustrated with your photos. You are a wonderful storyteller.

  8. Marcia

    I am all for a calendar….maybe a separate pony/horse one and another for just sheep. I also love the download idea. A children’s book! ( One of my goals to produce for my grandchildren.) Thanks for keeping at this! Maybe some day I will make it to your islands. My son plans on coming to Scotland and maybe the islands this August to perform his music. ( Travis Knapp) House concerts and small venues.


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