Beauty and The Beast

(I might have overdone it yesterday.  My ankle and spine are in a very unforgiving mood now.)

Today was spent in Lerwick.  First my weekly flute lesson, which I am loving.  The sound might not be up to any standard but it is certainly a good brain work-out which I am in desperate need after all those painkillers.

Afterwards, I went on to Lerwick for physio and some shopping.  I had some time to kill so did what I always do – take photos.  This time of the boats in harbour.


Now I like boats to look at.  I think they are very beautiful and have a grace and energy that goes with their design.  (I just hate going on them.)  The Beken of Cowes photos fill me with admiration.  I could not begin to emulate them but I like to experiment.

281400_10150335768552265_3281142_n 983589_10151746427412265_45245342_n 942575_10151746421352265_1987727650_n 205996_10150335767877265_6016217_n 259831_10150335767947265_4533626_n971101_10151746421287265_590459930_n

With Lerwick being the principal commercial port for Shetland, there are many incredible visiting boats.

And then there is this!  Sans Vitesse – Without Speed, literal translation. My jury is out on this one but it is still worthy of a photo.  At present, this 75 metre long barge it is on charter to Petrofac who are using it for accommodation for their Sullom Voe workers.  Quite extraordinary.

So that is The Beast.


And this is The Beauty – the amazing gob-smacking sunset on the drive home tonight.  I am very partial to a nice sunset.

L1050877 L1050881  L1050885

And here is a Shetland pony, if you are feeling hard done by.  I hope you are enjoying the Advent Calendar.


5 thoughts on “Beauty and The Beast

  1. Nancy Brown

    The “beast” is interesting, not sure I care for the paint job, now the Viking looking boat was beautiful.

  2. Cate

    Loving the calendar! Love the sunset pics—-thinking, I’m just over that western horizon, btw—nothing between here and Shetland but a couple thousand miles of water. 😀


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