Scared Witless

I was cooking supper last night (Beef Thai green curry with brown rice).  I walked over to where the saucepans are kept on the windowshelf, looked up and nearly had a heart attack.  There was a face looming in the window.  The face of Iacs.  Words failed me.  It was quite a scary moment for a second.  So of course I grabbed my camera, laughing with relief as I realised this was not a scene from a horror movie.


The boys, who are staying around outside of the house, because of Klæengur’s hoof abscess, had somehow let themselves into the garden. The secure gate must’ve been not quite as secure as my OH thought!

This morning, OH complained of “the mess they had made in his garden”.  I told him he should’ve used a better latch.  With slight remorse, I went into the garden and decided my OH was over-reacting. His “lawn” was not that bad.  Not too much evidence of destruction. I had seen worse.


And then I went round the corner and it was exactly as my OH had remarked – “you can see exactly where they went”.  Yup, you could.


Exactly. They had left a present or two.


I threw them out last night and this morning they were both where I had left them not even looking ashamed.


The others were down in their field.


Suffice it to say that, after dressing Klængur’s foot, the miscreants have been evicted and are now back with the others.

I am eating humble pie because of the mess they made but not enough to do anything about it.  Anyway, manure is good for the plants!

I now have a cunning plan for Christmas, though, which a friend illustrated rather well.  Off to find a pair of “antlers”!


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