Beautiful Laydees

Ok, for those of you who wondered, here is the wabbit from yesterday. You can tell it is a wabbit because of the slightly different coloured landscape (my camera-phone is prehistoric so possibly not the best).  You get the gist.

Meanwhile back in my real world (whatever that is) …..

Brá was channelling her inner derp.

Brá is the only horse I know who sees a camera and sticks her tongue out.  With me, she is always very serious – a sensitive lady when we talk.






But Brá has always been complicated.  We have an agreement.  If I need to catch her, I can.  There is usually a carrot involvement but she knows I take no prisoners and so we have to trust each other.  Never go unprepared.  That is all I will say.  I set Brá up to succeed so we can both win.  Failure only brings an argument along with resentment and that is never a good option.  No one else can catch or get near Brá which makes me think we must have some kind of relationship.

The other two ladies are easy.  Wave a carrot about and both mother and daughter come running.

I think it is a family thing.

That afternoon, the Autumn Shetland light was fantastic.

I took a couple of interesting (f-artistic) photos of Hetja.

Although Brá has lived with us for a few years now, I doubt I will ever fully understand her.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Laydees

  1. Linda K

    Very beautiful, and great photos too!
    Perhaps there was in incident in Bra’s past which has led to her trust issues.

    1. Frances Post author

      Yes, I wondered that too. We have what we have and for as long as I can catch her when I need to, then I am happy x

  2. Terri

    Yay, I was right about the bunny! I agree that Brá may have experienced a traumatic event earlier in her life. It shows your understanding of, and connection with, horses that you have been able to gain her trust at all (such as it may be). Lovely laydees, all of them!

  3. Sam

    Love the derp picture! We can never truly know what our animals went thru before coming into our lives. Good for you to not give up on Bra and to find the “coin of the realm” to catch her.


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