Who Wants to go for a Walk?

We had a storm last night – wind, rain, the whole kit and kaboodle. BeAnne woke up terrified and miserable so I lugged her into my bed whereupon she shook and panted.  I sprayed my lavender pillow mist about, stuck on the radio and hugged her little shaking panting self until she went back to sleep.

I think BeAnne still remembers her night outside a few years back when she was lost and alone in a terrible storm.

The weather gradually cleared over the day and I needed some fresh air.  I had been fighting with Garageband all morning trying to learn how it works.

So….. does anyone want to come for a walk with me?

Ok, off we go.

BeAnne, you can lead the way.

Oh, hello ‘Ster.  No I don’t bring carrots on my walks.

Careful when we get to the road, chaps.  Let’s all remember to stay safe, listen and think.

Everyone following?

No, no, we don’t stop just because we’ve taken a left turn.

‘Bert – what are you doing?  No good will come of trying to follow the hill sheep.  You know it only leads to misery and starvation.

Say nothing.  There’s a rabbit very well camouflaged.  BeAnne didn’t see it and the rabbit was not going to say anything.

Aww, Lambie, you still love your little canine Mum, don’t you?

Ok, so we’ve reached our destination and we all touch the gate to prove we got there.

All except Lambie.

We admire the beautiful view and remember how lucky we are to live in such an amazing place.

And then we all turn around and go home again.

That’s how it is on my dog-sheep walks.  Back to my Garageband masterclasses after my fresh air. I am glad I got out for a while.


5 thoughts on “Who Wants to go for a Walk?

  1. diane in northern wis

    Gotta love your Dog-Sheep walks! Thanks so much for sharing. and oh, by the way, I couldn’t find that darn rabbit either!

  2. Linda Loba

    Oh you’ve got just the BEST walking companions, Frances!

    (Poor BeAnn: we’ve had 4 dogs, who each had different fears. The world can be a scary place for them sometimes…)


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