Beautiful in Winter

There is rarely a day in Shetland when it’s beauty does not shine through.


The skies in winter are particularly dramatic and I am always slamming on the car brakes and reaching for my camera.  This is my view of Foula from the track to our croft.


My neighbour’s car died in the village a few days’ back so I took him to do some messages.

What is your view like from the waiting room in your doctors’ surgery?  Pretty damn good?


Afterwards, I drove over to see the girls taking some carrots to shovel in.  This perfectly normal hill puddle looked magical in the setting winter sun.


The days are very short now (the longest night is in just over a month and then the days will get longer again – yay!)


Everyone had hard feed this afternoon and some rugs were removed.  Calm weather is forecast for the next few days with maybe snow on Friday.


I am trying not to rely too much on rugs for the horses. I hate rugging and but somehow I have become someone who rugs, justifying why a few ponies need it more than others.


Little Himself, aka Hjalti is doing well.  He is growing and continues to burn up his energy playing crocodiles (face fighting) with Silver and Waffle.


Hetja is much more accepting of her little herd now.  Everyone eats from everyone else’s buckets and there is no arguing.  The respect of Hetja, as herd leader, is taken as said. No more Shetland ponies testing the limits of her patience.


Not sure if I am dreading snow or looking forward to it really.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful in Winter

  1. Linda

    Such beautiful atmospheric photos! (And about that snow – the first snowfall is always a bit exciting, isn’t it?)
    And that rainbow!

  2. Linda K

    There might be mythical creatures lurking in that pond. I love Silver’s colouring, he’s a gorgeous boy. I’m sure Hetja is relieved Hjalti’s has friends to keep him amused.

  3. Sam

    Love the rainbow picture. As for rugging – you have horses who are unstable in bad weather. So the right thing is to rug them up. Plus they look awlful cute!


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