BeAnne’s New Noble Steed

BeAnne has been looking for new small pony to ride.  Now that Indy PingPong is not here, she needs something more her size.

I previously put her on Storm who was horrified and immediately bucked her off – don’t worry, it was only a little buck and she jumped first before she was pushed.

Waffle has had BeAnne on his back a couple of times before while he was standing still.  We let Waffle become accustomed to his new employment before we did anything else.


And then they set off!


I have great visions of this in my and BeAnne’s dotage – me leading her on her pony when we are both too old to walk anywhere!  That or a bath chair being pulled by a Shetland pony.  Think Queen Victoria.


Jo was riding her new Icelandic horse, Tór who, like all good Thordale horses, was completely unphased by our new madness!

I think BeAnne and Waffle are made for each other.  Neither minded while they were walking round and round the school together.


Things only went slightly wrong when Waffle could not keep up with Tór’s bigger walk, so thought he would trot on.  He then felt BeAnne stand up and bounce so he did a little buck and she bounced off!  They were doing so well until then.


Obviously it is early days and once Waffle and BeAnne both have confidence in each other, I hope it will be a good match.

I think BeAnne’s perfectly formed bottom may be too big for her basket saddle, though I will get it down and see whether we can wedge her in!  Waffle might prefer that as she keeps still and just sits there enjoying the scenery.

2 thoughts on “BeAnne’s New Noble Steed

  1. Rebecca Final

    Waffles is a great size for BeAnne. Just like me riding my 14 hh quarter pony….not far to fall. Although we DO try to not let that happen. I love BeAnne.


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