Back With Mum

Today, we put Lilja back with her mother, Hetja, and friend, Brá.

First, Daisy and I constructed a good solid electric fence to stop the fence by the road being pushed over or jumped.

Then we drove over to Hetja and Brá’s field, caught them and lead them to their new field in the pouring rain.  It was the kind of rain that soaked us through within a few minutes.

After that, we walked down to Lilja’s field (which is opposite the new field), easily caught Lilja and led her up to her mum’s new field.

Lilja was intrigued to see her mother and Brá again.  They were less generous.

In fact Hetja was a cow-bag.

Poor Lilja.  I am ashamed of her mother and friend.

They were arsey old mares who know better.

Anywho, we left them with Lilja trying to make friends…..

….. and the matriarchs having none of it.

I am just praying to all the Gods that Lilja doesn’t get pushed or jump over the fence onto the road to escape the old bags and that things calm down.

Of course this lot are not helping.  There is much shouting for Lilja to come back home.

We will see.  Maybe things will have calmed down by tomorrow.  Worst case scenario Lilja can go live with the Minions again but I was rather she was with the Icelandic mares.

3 thoughts on “Back With Mum

  1. Terri

    Interesting that the mares have to reestablish dominance, despite their former closeness to Lilja. Of course she would be better with her own “kind” (Icelandic) — but I know you won’t tolerate bullying. Thems the rules. Maybe it’s because they’re both pregnant/hormonal. In any case, here’s hoping that Lilja will be accepted in the next day or two. Have a peaceful weekend!


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