Back to Normal

Look, look, look – a whole day of empty stall.


Two lovely ladies spending the day in my neighbour’s backyard.  They were very happy, despite the weather – rain but still warm by Shetland standards.

So we left them to it with no humans, no interference and they could eat and eat and eat.


So, with less to do on our hands, we rode our horses.  I rode Klængur and he said he would not go around the cones in the corner.  Therefore, I told him that he did and, just because he hadn’t been ridden in the school recently, it did not mean he could forget completely.

Daisy rode Kappi beautifully.  He goes so well for her and it is lovely to watch.

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I had a quick Minion Moment and let the starving make a clean plate of the leftover hay.  I also gave them a pile of food too as they are very speshul and thinner than everybody else (as a mother, I worry).


The always do “lovely sharing”.  Dear little boys and the best of friends. Tiddles looks up to Storm (no one has dared say this is a bit of a mistake!)


Bjørn trained Taktur and it was incredible to watch.  For a five, rising six, year old stallion, he is doing incredibly well.


So we are back to normal and I am happy.

I took out the mare’s iv cannula as she is now drinking well.  I hope that was the right decision.

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