The Sun on her Back

A much better day today. The sun shone and the mare was stronger.


She remains on 5 meals of 600 calories (total 3000 daily) and this is helping her hugely.

I can also tell that she is fed up.  She is tipping her food buckets over and when I gave her the antibiotic injection in her rump, she was hugely offended.  I had to apologise by washing her face and massaging her muzzle, which she loved.

What this mare needs most is grass, nice green grass so we took her and her friend up to my neighbour’s field to eat for as long as she wanted.


Heads down and eat, eat, eat.  Perfect.

IMG_2903 IMG_2906

Don’t cross the streams, Daisy!   (It would be bad… Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light – Ghostbusters.)


Staff Nurse Soufflé was in constant attendance too.  She is taking this job very seriously.


After an hour, we put them into our neighbour’s back yard and left them there for 3 hours.  I really wanted the mare to enjoy the sun on her back and to lie down if she wanted (she did).


They were brought home later in the afternoon and she looked so much happier.


I think the mare is filling back out now and is looking far less bony and ill.


All good.  She is still attached to her drip at night and still on antibiotics.  This was her first day without painkillers.  I bet she sleeps well tonight.

15 thoughts on “The Sun on her Back

    1. Terri

      PS Last eve I sat down and began knitting Outi Kater’s ‘Thordale Fingerless Mittens’, with J&S Shetland wool. As I knit, I was thinking about my fingers touching the wool that had come from Shetland sheep, and especially about the mare. :)) (I have no connection whatsoever with anyone in Scotland, but feel a bond because of my Scottish ancestors.)

          1. Frances Post author

            I will. She was very sad to hear about Jack but we have his lovely coat, which I will hand wash and put away until BeAnne a) loses weight and b) needs to wear it.

  1. Linda

    Hooray for such good news! That sunshine must have felt SO good for her. And I’m taking that feisty-ness as a good sign; she must be feeling better…

    Congratulations all around!!!!!


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