Babies are Exhausting

This blog will be short.  We are all a bit exhausted today.  Frazzled.

Photo from this morning, first thing.  I had been up a few times in the night taking Little Herself out – she has a crate beside my bed, asks very nicely (scrabble, then woof) and was subsequently accident-free which is a huge achievement.  I needed some sleep to recharge.  This is like having a baby or a small lamb. I had forgotten.

Later, we went to the vet for a check-up and weigh-in.  All good there.  Just a small baby canine tooth to keep an eye on – back in two weeks.

So she tried to eat her lead!

Monster is also tired.

We are still not settled on a name.  Today I quite like Busy or Bizzie and then I try it out and it sounds just odd! We will inevitably shout it endlessly and that is where the name fails. It will come. She is down at the vet’s as Pepper.

6 thoughts on “Babies are Exhausting

  1. Sam

    Babies are really cute so we don’t kill them with their very short attention span. Nice of you to provide your neck as a heated comfy bed. I like Aunt Kate as a name. Dream on, Monster, you’ll need your energy with this little one.

  2. Christine

    When I used to breed dogs, one of the things I always told prospective buyers was “wanting a puppy and owning a puppy are two completely different things”. Now you know They grow up so fast, and soon you’ll be amazed at what a tiny and busy pup she was…and how you survived it!

  3. Tuula Selin

    So lovely little Missis has arrived.
    So funny with those names, sometime it takes time and sometime it’s bang, immediately.
    When one of our three dogs arrived, the name was simple. There was a little 3 years old girl in the family. She liked Peppa Pig, in finnish Pipsa Possu. The pup was an American Staffordshire Terrier and was quite like a little piggy. So she is Pipsa, easy to shout, just Pip.


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