At Mum’s Now

We arrived this morning at Mum’s.  She lives a couple of hours away from Bristol.  For me, that is a huge phew!  Last time the car died and it was all very stressful.  Although, it has been a long journey, having Floss with me made it all much easier.

Amongst many things, we brought Ted a present – a squeaky toy sloth.

We all think he is a sloth.

And Ted loves his toy.

Obviously the squeak has gone!  It only took him under half an hour.

And now for the unstuffing!

This is Ted’s party trick.

Yes, you are a very clever boy, Ted.

And then I fed him his tea because it is The Law.

So, that’s us. We did it. We are here for just over a week.

6 thoughts on “At Mum’s Now

  1. Sam

    Teddy’s paws in the movie crack me up! Love his Parlor Trick.
    And yes, you need to feed him his tea and then cuddle him!

  2. Kate Woolley

    So glad you have arrived safe. Such a long way….. and Teddy is so sweet. What a change from Shetland, couldn’t be more different. Hope you have an equally safe journey home. Bet Lambie is sulking and what is Harry doing without you ?
    Have a good rest ❤️
    Didn’t realise but you almost passed my door. Up the M4 ? Remember next time, would love to see you…..

  3. Louisa Savage

    Ted drinks tea??? What kind? With sugar, milk or both?

    Please do take photos of your mom’s garden and share with us. I remember the photos of her garden from last year. Such a treat for all of us. Take a lot. Please!

  4. diane in northern wis

    So glad you made it to your moms. She surely has a beautiful house and gardens. Ted is a real cutie….hope he didn’t completely ruin his new sloth! You were so thoughtful to bring him a toy!
    Hope you have a super good time there.


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